It’s All About Observation & Feedback At the Point of Learning

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Or Teach them the way we teach Surgeons and Pilots?

Because they are incredibly successful

9.3M Landings by pilots with only a handful of events in the U.S.
51M surgeries with 95%+ success

Despite adoption and availability of online learning technologies

How learning Works

U.S. Ranking in Math among OECD Countries
Has become WORSE in the last decade

Only a fraction of students show proficiency in Math

how learning works
how learning works

Only 41% of 4th graders and 34% of 8th graders in the U.S.
Scored ‘proficient’ or better in math in 2013

So, Why are our students performing poorly in Math when all of these and every other profession on the planet is performing well?

  • how learning works

    Car Driver

  • how learning works


  • how learning works


  • how learning works

    Bank Teller

  • how learning works


  • how learning works


Do we teach our professionals differently because

the stakes are high?

Play to watch the new math learning techniques

But Stakes Are EVEN Higher for Improving
Student Performance

If U.S. students can improve ¾ of a point to get to
Canadian student performance

Something doesn't add up the way we are teaching our kids

Here is what we need to do

  • Throw out Traditional metrics

  • Go back to basics

  • Focus on observation and feedback at the Point of Learning

Amazing Results Have Been Obtained by Personalizing Education Using the Right Tools

About Us is a national movement launched by Thinkster to initiate dialogue, discussion and sharing of best practices among teachers, parents and students across the globe. Thinkster has created a patent pending learning platform that provides for the very first time for teachers all over the world to personalize learning for all students that they work with - one student at a time. Thinkster is humbled by the expansive support it has received from teachers across the globe including US, Latin America, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Japan, Singapore,UK and other countries. Thinkster's products are available to both consumers at a monthly subscription price as well as to schools as a yearly site license.

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